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The Power of the Present Moment

Do you find yourself living in the past or future? How about relishing the present moment? There is power in it. In what ways? Can you relate? Read on to find out.

Living in the now makes you aware of your surroundings and brings in great focus. While you are alert of your surroundings, you can concentrate on the task in hand. Having the full focus and awareness, everything works to your advantage.

If the environment is non-ideal and you are unable to bear the discomfort of now, gradually shift to more positive thoughts. The environment will also shift. While the environment shifts, you keep thinking positive and keep your attitude positive so that the environment shifts totally in your favor.

Live in the now and do something exciting that brings you great joy. Lose yourself in it and forget yourself. There is power and grace in it. The more joy you can gather, the more alive you become and people like you better. You have fewer problems and are able to enjoy the now more.

Teach your spouse and kids the power of living now and how to live graciously in the present. Happiness is sure to abound. You will soon find your family bonds soaring and you are jollier than before. Just imagine how much power the present moment holds for you because it can do so much good for you. Love yourself and that brings in extra credits to the power of living in the moment.

Disseminate this simple principle to all friends, relatives, colleagues and all people you come across and experience greater pleasure. Explain to them that thinking about past hurts or worrying about future catastrophes will do them no good. Tell them to just stay with the moment and experience its power.

Write a book on the title I am talking about and spread your message all around the earth. There is no better way to feel greater delight, a sense of genuine satisfaction and true accomplishment.

While you bring people to a unity in the now, you cannot help feeling great contentment in what you have truly achieved. You not only feel connected and joyous but also you like to contribute more in similar areas and thus become a guru of them, helping people from all walks of life as you get along and experience bigger accomplishments. Remember it only started from your simple thoughts on the power of living in the present moment.

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