Bluetooth Pens Car Bluetooth Receiver AUX Speaker
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Bluetooth Pens Car Bluetooth Receiver AUX Speaker

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    Item Type: Bluetooth Car Kit
    Model Name: S100 Bluetooth pen audio receiver
    Item Size: 63*14
    Brand Name: Junsun
    Special Features: Bluetooth 4.0
    Item Weight: 0.05kg
    Product name: Bluetooth pen audio receiver
    Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0
    Product color: Silver Gold
    Transmission distance: 15M
    Product interface: AUX
    Usage time: 4-6 Hour
    Product Size: 63mm (No interface) 14mm (No collar clip)
    Features 1: Universal 3.5mm jack
    Features 2: Bluetooth Receiver Adapter
    Features 3: Headphone Car Stereo


    Type: Bluetooth Audio Receiver

    Material: Plastic

    Frequency Range :2.4GHz

    Profile: A2DP

    Transmission Range: Up to 10m / 33ft

    I/O 3.5mm female plug, Mini USB female port

    Power Supply: DC 5V




    How to use it for iPhone 7?

    Fpr Apple 7 with Lightning headphones hole is not the traditional 3.5MM headphone jack,

    although presented the adapter, but the charge and the use

    of headphones can not be carried out at the same time!


    Small design to solve big problems

    Using Bluetooth 4.0 version, such as audio, headphones and other equipment with 3.5MM

    AUX interface, you can connect the phone / tablet and other Bluetooth devices

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    Anodizing process

    Small cool shape, enjoy the music at the same

    time more fashionable cool feeling


    Walkman music

    Fitness exercise, and the afternoon of the rest, get rid of the inconvenience of carrying the phone,

    so that music with freedom, surrounded by your side.


    Bluetooth 4.0 version 3D surround sound, 

    let the music move with you

    Fever-free loss of Bluetooth access, fresh sound, tri-band balance,

     excellent resolution, to reproduce the different colors of the instrument


    Input and output AUX port access design

    Plug the heart, AUX female base and public connection can be wireless Bluetooth, 

    the use of more convenient and user-friendly

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    Wired speakers


    Scene graph display




    Long standby

    30 days long standby time, up to 5 hours of call time, use, 

    no longer worry about the lack of electricity




    Smart Bluetooth HD Talk Experience

    Built-in high-definition microphone, with advanced voice input noise technology,

    you can get high-quality voice input effect, give you high voice talk experience.




    Intelligent full compatibility, cool experience

    iOS, Android system; intelligent full compatibility, you think, 

    you did not expect, make you impeccable






    Multi-function operation

    Multi-function operation, answer / hang up the phone,

    the volume + -, song switching operation handy